How to save money on Vegetables in New Zealand

How to save money on Vegetables in New Zealand

Saving money on Vegetables is crucial now in New Zealand


1. Shop Seasonally:

Buy vegetables that are in season for lower prices and better freshness.  When you come into Simply Organic or visit our website, you'll notice large variability in supply because we mostly stock seasonal vegetables. 

2. Local Markets:

Explore local farmers' markets for affordable, locally grown produce.  Tauranga has a fantastic weekly farmers markets, as do most larger towns and cities in New Zealand. 

3. Grow Your Own:

Start a small vegetable garden to save on fresh produce in the long run.  We'd love to chat to you about this option - feel free to come and talk. 

4. Buy in Bulk:

Purchase vegetables in bulk when they are on sale and freeze or can them.  Another idea here is to find another family to share shopping deals with, so you can purchase in bulk more often. 

5. Store Properly:

Extend freshness by storing veggies correctly to reduce wastage and frequent purchases.

6. Use Frozen Veggies:

Opt for frozen vegetables as a cost-effective alternative to fresh options.

7. Discounts and Coupons:

Keep an eye out for discounts and coupons in local stores and online.

8. Reduce Food Waste:

Plan meals, use leftovers, and compost scraps to save on overall grocery costs.

9. Buy Generic Brands:

Choose generic or store-brand vegetables, which are often cheaper than name brands.

10. Cook in Batches:

Prepare larger portions and freeze meals with vegetables for future use.


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