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Are you looking for a durable cheesecloth to strain your kitchen creations? Organically certified and free from plastic, this cotton cheesecloth comes in a generous 1.5m x 1m length. Can be used for anything in your kitchen, including:

  • Straining yoghurt
  • Pressing cheese
  • Jelly bags
  • Hop brewing bags
  • Mulled wine spices
  • Bouquet garni bags
  • Nut milk bags
  • Kava cloth
  • Covering kombucha
  • Boiling steamed puddings
  • Cooking chooks

What makes this the best Cheesecloth?

  • The culinary grade for fine straining
  • More durable and reusable
  • Cuts and washes easily
  • Free from insecticides, bleach, and sizing
  • No child labour used in picking the cotton

Country Trading started by finding an organic cotton farmer then found a textile mill to weave it without chemicals, and here it is.