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Liven up your pasta with Angel Food’s dairy-free Parmesan sprinkle. Totally Plant-Based and allergy-friendly, their vegan parmesan is suitable for most diets.
Sprinkle your pasta with the cheesy punch of their plant-based parmesan.

Packed full of bold, tangy flavour, Angel Food dairy-free parmesan can be used just like any powdered parmesan. Elevate your gratin, liven up your beans on toast and give your mashed potatoes that little something they’ve been missing.

Being completely dairy-free, vegan and allergy-friendly, this feisty parm sprinkle is the perfect dinner table condiment for every guest.

NO GMO'S! The 'modified starch' Angel Food's use is not genetically modified. It has been processed by their suppliers in very specific ways to achieve very specific results.

Ingredients: Coconut flour, sunflower oil, salt, yeast extract, natural flavour (dairy-free and vegan), citric acid, white pepper, antioxidant (natural herb extract).