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Infuse your drinking water with the energy of the Black Fluorite crystal. This beautiful glass drinking bottle is fitted with a Black Fluorite crystal.
Black Fluorite is known as the ultimate cleanser and purifier among crystals. It is said its energy will protect the emotional body.
It is supportive in healing matters of the heart and aids dealing with external stressors in one’s life.
This absorber of negative energy will help to clear the aura and the mind. So, the mind may rebalance thoughts and ideas.
Black Fluorite is known to assist making decisions regarding the future with a clear mind. It is said to aid finding one’s true self, to achieve big dreams and goals.
This stone is recommended for those that are new to the energy of crystals.
This glass bottle comes with a bamboo screw lid. It holds 550 ml and can be taken apart for cleaning.


  • Bamboo screw lid
  • Holds 550ml
  • Can be taken apart for cleaning
  • Natural materials, glass, steel and bamboo
  • Handle attached to top
Material:  Glass, Bamboo
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