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Infuse your drinking water with the energy of the Rose Quartz. This beautiful glass drinking bottle is fitted with a Rose Quartz.
Rose Quartz is the crystal of the heart. It is attached to the heart and throat chakra. It is the stone of love, abundance, and joy.
It is said to support healing communication and deeper bonds with the people around us.
Rose Quartz has the reputation to communicate love and self-care, as well as deep compassion for self and others. It is said to heal the heart and encourage connection.
Rose Quartz is the stone to support a natural glow and appearance of the skin.
This glass bottle comes with a bamboo screw lid. It holds 550 ml and can be taken apart for cleaning.


  • Bamboo screw lid
  • Holds 550ml
  • Can be taken apart for cleaning
  • Natural materials, glass, steel and bamboo
  • Handle attached to top
Glass, Steel, Bamboo
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