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This soup continues to top the popularity charts among lovers of good food, from ancient times to date. Often referred to as the king of Dals, it was patronised by emperors of the Mughal kingdom, where this Dal used to be the only vegetarian fare in an entirely non-vegetarian spread.

Relish this rich lentil soup, enhanced with organic spices and herbs. French lentil soup acts as a fantastic appetiser and is low in calories. Sauteed onion, carrot, celery combines in stock pot with French lentil. Oregano adds wonderful peppery, licorice flavour that complements this soup. It is hearty enough for an entire meal and is packed with protein fiber and folic acid.

Ingredients: Stock* (Water, Carrot, Potato, Celery, Parsley, Onion, Ginger, Black Pepper, Thyme & Bay Leaves), Lentil* (12%), Tomato*, Carrot*, Red Bell Pepper*, Green Bell Pepper*, Salt, Celery*, Jaggery*, Parsley*, Black Pepper*, Cumin*, Fennel*, Turmeric*, Chives*, Coriander*, Paprika* & Oregano*. (*= Organic Ingredients)