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Papad mung dal plain is a thin Indian wafer described as a cracker or flat bread, circular in shape.

Down to Earth have researched the age old recipes to make papads that can remind you of the perfect homemade taste and provide the zing to this appetizer cum mouth freshener. It is served as an accompaniment with an Indian meal or eaten as an appetizer or a snack and can be eaten with toppings. Papad Moong Plain is made by using high quality moong (green gram dal). Aroma and flavor of these mung dal Papad are pleasing and make them ideal for serving in festive parties. Use of cumin seeds enhances its taste. Papad with low fat content, delectable taste and nutritional ingredients would be a boon to a population looking for low calorie food with retention of organoleptic profile.

Ingredients: Gram flour (35.6%)*, Black Gram flour*, Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil*, Spices (Black pepper*, Cumin*, Caraway* & Asafoetida*).  * Organic

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