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The world's best Xylitol from Finnish Birch trees, at the best price in New Zealand for your wellbeing. Eco-packed in NZ in 100% Compostable ECONIC bags.

Made from Fully renewable source (no deforestation in Finland) with 90% lower Carbon footprint compared to inferior xylitol made from GMO corncob by acid hydrolysis. Even the ones that say 'organic' Corn Xylitol are made with the eco-toxic process of ACID Hydrolysis.

Dr Hisham's Xylitol is a natural Birch wood extract that looks and tastes like sugar, yet a lot healthier. With fewer calories, low GI, stabilises blood sugar levels, insulin safe, and above all it acts as a Prebiotic, prevents decay & increases bone strength when use daily and regularly.

It helps balance the oral and gut biofilm by suppressing bad bacteria and fungus/yeast like Candida, while nurturing good bacteria in our mouth and guts to help us develop a healthy flora.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Xylitol, from organically grown Birch trees in renewable forests.

Made in Finland

Eco-Packaged in New Zealand