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Perfect for larger women, absorbing heavier day or night flows, post birth or incontinence, Drion Maxi Pads are natural, comfortable, ultra absorbent and eco-friendly! 

  • 100% chemical free – no chlorine, dioxin or plastics
  • Slim form fitting cotton – anatomically designed for superior comfort
  • No slippage - natural food grade adhesive ensures pad stays in place
  • Contains signature green tourmaline strip with far infrared rays and negative ions – supports hormonal balance and minimises odours
  • Individually sealed within re-sealable packs
  • Each pack contains FREE PH self test kit
  • Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and compostable
  • Healthy hygienic alternative to tampons
  • Drion Maxi pads are extra long (330mm) for more coverage and confidence
  • Each Drion Maxi pad pack contains 8 individually sealed pads