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Karamalz is a non-alcoholic malt drink launched in Bavaria, Germany in 1958. It is Germany’s most popular malt drink for generations, a drink that stands out for its caramel notes and elaborated with the best ingredients, such as hops extract and barley malt. Many consumers, regardless of their age enjoy this original with its unique flavors.

A splash of natural lemon juice added to Karamalz Classic provides further stimulation for your taste buds creating a unique harmony of different flavors.

 Karamalz Lemon in can (330ml) contains water, barley malt (4%), glucose-fructose syrup, carbon dioxide, hop extract, natural pomegranate juice from lemone (water, sugar, lemon juice, natural favour)

Free of lactose, artificial colouring and GMO. Vegan, contains only natural

Contains gluten

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