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Kokonati organic turmeric coconut milk is made with milk from freshly grated coconut meat from mature kernels and ground warming spices; turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon, pepper, ginger, virgin coconut oil and nectar. A bit of brownish liquid, which comes from the coconut shell paring, may naturally appear in some cans when the milk settles. This just goes to prove this product is 100% natural and not standardized by chemical processes.

Turmeric coconut milk can be used as a dairy-free alternative, as a base for sauces, stews, and curries. Just add stir-fried vegetables, protein, and or lentils to make a quick one-pot meal. OR make it a main by adding rice and noodles also to it! Great in smoothies and even a chilled spicy cocktail. Use as vegan milk for porridge and soothing lattes. Or sip a cup of warmed golden coconut milk as is!

Ingredients: Coconut kernel*, water⁺, coconut nectar*, virgin coconut oil*, turmeric*, Ceylon cinnamon*, pepper*, ginger*, xanthan gum, guar gum, salt.
*Organic ingredients from Sri Lanka. 100% Vegan, No soy, No gluten, No dairy, No GMO.
⁺Hot water is used to express the milk locked inside freshly grated coconut kernel.