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  • REFRESHING SPARKLING SOFT DRINK - Lo Bros Kombucha is a naturally fizzy drink created by adding living cultures to organic tea, it is full of benefits and boosts the immune system, making it a healthier alternative to soft drinks!
  • THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF KOMBUCHA - Kombucha is rich in beneficial probitiocs, as well as antioxidants, it can kill harmful bacteria and help fight several diseases, such as risk of heart disease and diabetes!
  • A NATURALLY LOW SUGAR AND LOW CALORIE ALTERNATIVE - This organic kombucha is a healthy soft drink, containing less than 1.6g of sugar per 100ml and less than 20 calories per serve! without any artificial sweeteners or additives.
  • ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE AND VEGAN - Suitable for vegan, vegetarians, and celiacs, so that anyone can enjoy this delicious organic kombucha.

Ingredients: Kombucha (Filtered Water, Kombucha Culture, Black Tea, Green Tea, Raw Sugar), Sweeteners (Naturally Fermented Glucose (Erythritol), Stevia Leaf (Steviol Glycosides), Apple Cider Vinegar, Acacia Fibre, Natural Flavour (Lemon, Lime, Bitters), Black Carrot Concentrate, Probiotics.

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