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The Winner of the NZ Artisan Awards Bronze Medal.

It is time to take a moment to reflect and relax.

The lemon balm has been cut right before the plant blossoms. Leaves were tied together with string or twine and hung in a warm, dry place with good ventilation until the leaves were dry and crackly. 

Magic T's lemon verbena has shiny lanceolate green leaves that have a strong aroma. Since ancient times it was used for digestive disorders and later to prevent trouble sleeping.

Lavender in this blend comes from one of the best traditional Lavender farms in the southwestern part of Turkey, it relieves your anxiety by affecting the brain through smell. Rose petals add a mellow, floral flavour, making them perfect for soothing stress and encouraging sleep.

'Sweet dreams" has been blended with love and care to help you unwind and enjoy nature's true aroma and beauty, so pick one of your best thin-lip teacups, sip it slowly, and enjoy the lemony flavour and pleasing scent.

Ingredients: Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rose petals 

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