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Açai berries are a small, deep purple superfruit harvested from tropical rainforests in Central and South America. They have become famous for their antioxidant content and use in Açai Bowls and smoothies.

Indigenous Brazilian tribes have consumed Acai berries for thousands of years for their amazing nourishing properties. Legend has it that acai berries saved an indigenous Brazilian tribe from starvation during a time of severe drought. The leader of the tribe Chief Itaki sadly lost his daughter Iaca during the harsh times, but named the life-saving acai berry (Iaca spelt backwards) in her honour. This Organic Acai Berry Powder is freeze-dried to ensure all the delicious flavour and vital nutrients contained within the fresh fruit are retained.

Ingredients: Certified organic freeze-dried açai berry powder. No colourings or preservatives. GM free.

Source: Brazil