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Valued in South America for thousands of years for its highly concentrated nutrition, maca root is an adaptogen which contains nutrients that help to support wellbeing within the body. Maca root is also known to support energy and healthy libido in men and women.

This organic Maca Root Powder is gelatinised (pulverised during milling), which naturally breaks the starch bonds for healthy digestion, nutrient release and absorption. Gelatinised maca is the premium grade of maca as the process allows it to be consumed without the need for cooking. We have combined yellow, red and black maca varieties to give you the greatest cross-section of maca nutrients.

Health Benefits include supporting a healthy libido in men & woman, supports energy levels, supports healthy hormone levels.

Organic - Dairy Free - Gluten Free - Vegan

Active Ingredients: Certified organic gelatinised maca root powder (yellow, red and black).

Source: Peru

Ingredients do not contain gluten but are packed in a facility that may handle products containing gluten, nuts and sesame seeds.