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Matakana Superfoods Supershake Smoothie Powder is a natural, nutritious, once-a-day shake for families and individuals on the go. Just add to your favourite milk or smoothie. 

A great way to get a broad nutritional boost across a wide range of super nutrients from Matakana's top 12 superfoods. It is an easy-to-use, family friendly shake that can be used as a healthy breakfast, snack, post-workout or superfood meal option.

Organic quinoa powder
Organic chia powder
Organic chia seeds
Organic coconut fibre
Pure organic coconut sugar
Organic lucuma powder
Organic freeze-dried maqui berry powder
Camu camu powder
Organic freeze-dried acai berry powder
Organic freeze-dried red raspberry powder
Organic freeze-dried blueberry powder
Organic banana powder
Goji berry powder
Organic pomegranate powder
Organic beetroot juice powder
Vitamin (C)
Natural tapioca free flow