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his grape juice is made out of Bordo and Isabel grapes which are two popular grape varieties cultivated in Brazil. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

  • Bordo Grapes: Bordo grapes, also known as Bordo Antigo or Bordo de Bordeaux, are a red grape variety widely grown in Brazil. These grapes are recognized for their deep, dark red colour and robust flavour profile. Bordo grapes are often used for producing red wines due to their rich and complex characteristics. They can also be enjoyed as table grapes, offering a sweet and slightly tart taste.

  • Isabel Grapes: Isabel grapes, sometimes referred to as Isabel Precoce or Isabella, are another popular grape variety grown in Brazil. They are typically used for making juice, jellies, and jams due to their high sugar content and distinct flavour. Isabel grapes have a dark purple skin and a sweet, musky taste. They are often favoured for their versatility in culinary applications.

Both Bordo and Isabel grapes thrive in the Brazilian climate and are cultivated in various regions throughout the country. They contribute to Brazil's rich viticultural landscape and are enjoyed both domestically and internationally for their unique characteristics.

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