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Our bodies cannot make the Essential Fatty Acid (EFA's) Omega-3 or Omega-6, so we must get them from our food.  They are essential fatty acids needed for our wellbeing.  We rely on these good fats for all our cells to function correctly and they play a vital role in all aspects of a healthy body.    

This unique blend of nutritious oils has been formulated to offer the perfect balance of Omega oils.  It’s certified organic flaxseed oil base offers a valuable (or effective) amount of Omega-3 to your diet.  With a 1.8:1 Omega-3 to 6 ratio, it has the right balance to match the majority of diets.

The addition of the other specially selected oils provides the secondary Omega-3 and 6's needed for hormone balance. These support a quicker response for new users of Flaxseed Oil as it boosts your body’s ability to utilise EFA's.  Modern living can inhibition the enzyme (D6D) needed to convert essential acid acids, so the inclusion of secondary Omega's provides a solution to getting them into the body.

The blend is gluten free so can be enjoyed by those that suffer from Coeliac Disease. 

Suitable for vegan and vegetarians wanting to add an extra nutritional boost to their daily diet.

Provides good fats for KETO diets.

Ingredients:  Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Extra Virgin Certified Organic Seed Oils: Flax (72%), Hemp, Evening Primrose, Pumpkin, Coconut and uncertified Blackcurrant.

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