The Wonderful World of Crystals Can Enchant You.

At Simply Organic we have a large range of crystals for you to choose from; from small raw stones and gorgeous pendants to different shapes such as balls and hearts and larger and heavier crystal towers and caves.  Visit us in store to check out our selection and select the crystal that is right for you or a loved one.  

Selecting your crystal

When selecting a crystal remember that each crystal has it‘s own unique energies and effects.  We have information in the store that will inform you of the properties of the different types of crystals.  We recommend that you let your intuition guide you exclusively when choosing the crystals.  Think of your intention and follow your intuition.  


What are crystals?

In our physical world, crystals are the visible expression of the regular geometric arrangement of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and molecules, i.e. the structure of crystals follows certain laws from which the lattice structure (crystal lattice) results.

Healing stones are minerals, rocks or precious stones that can affect the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of ​​a person. They could be used for medical and therapeutic purposes.

The healing properties of stones were recognized as early as the Stone Age. The oldest known tradition is from 4000 years BC.

How do crystals work?

Crystal Healing (lithotherapy) is based on the belief that some stones and crystals produce imperceptible vibrations that impacts on one’s life energy known as Prana; which flows in currents in and around the body.

Gemstones are made up of atoms that are constantly moving, generating energy as they do so. These vibrations act like invisible magnets on our body. They release energy blockages and activate your body's own self-healing powers - each stone has its own effect. Naturopaths say that the colour of the stones also affects you. For example, green stones have a soothing and harmonizing effect on you.

What is the best way to use the crystals?

Important: Crystals must be cleansed before use.  Different types of crystals require different cleansing protocols so you will need to find out what method to use on your stone before you begin.

  •  The crystals can be placed directly on the body, on the skin, or can also be placed on painful parts of the body. For example on the forehead for migraines or the stomach for stomach pains. 
  • Gemstone healing water is a popular use for crystals. To do this, gemstones are added to still water, ideally spring water.
  • Round stones can be used for massages. 
  • You can set the crystals up as pretty decorative objects in your home - the positive energy is then simply released into the air in the room. 
  • Use as a talisman, for example on a chain, you can always carry the little helper with you.

Cleanse and charge crystals - Here's how

Crystals absorb and store all vibrations. Newly purchased crystals are therefore full of foreign signals. Before using the crystal itself, the unwanted information should be erased. Crystals can be cleansed and recharged in different ways.

The most common practice is to hold the crystal under cold running water for five minutes, pat dry and it is important to note that only certain crystals can be left to charge in the sun for a full day afterwards. Small crystals can be easily cleansed and charged at the same time in a geode.

Repeat the process about every two weeks - this allows all the positive energy of the crystal to work. 

The healing stones can also be charged in the moonlight. The energies are particularly strong during the full moon and new moon.

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